Free measures - basic weatherization
Income-qualified residents, whether homeowners or renters, can receive free basic energy efficiency measures for lighting and weatherization of the building “envelope.” This means having a contractor test around windows, doors, and ceilings to ensure that the building isn't letting hot air in or cold air out. Sealing the building envelope is often the first step in increasing the effectiveness of your home's heating and cooling systems. 

How it works
Step 1: Determine your eligibility using the table below
Step 2: Contact us to set up appointment
Step 3: A representative visits your home to determine possible retrofits
Step 4: A certified contractor comes to your house to install retrofits at no cost

To qualify, the total combined gross annual income (based on the number of household members) must be at or below the amount shown in the table:

People in Household

Income limit 

1 - 2


















Each Additional Person Add



If you have any questions about this program, please contact us.