Whole house upgrades

Increasing your home’s efficiency isn’t just switching out light bulbs or buying new appliances. It’s approaching your home as a complete system. Heating, air conditioning, insulation, water and other systems can all work together to help you live more comfortably while lowering your utility bills. The new whole house retrofit program will help you to upgrade your whole home to make it more efficient. 

Combining the two programs will help save the most money:
  • Energy Upgrade California offers up to $4,000 in rebates from PG&E. The rebates are based on the amount of energy saved--if the retrofit saves 20% of total household energy, the rebate will be for $2,000. If it saves 40%, the rebate is $4,000. This program is meant for homeowners who are interested in performing a comprehensive upgrade to their home, typically including the building envelope (weatherization), heating and cooling, duct work, lighting, and more.

  • CHF Residential Loans offers grants as well as financing at a low 3% interest without any credit check. The important requirement for eligibility is income--you must make between $45,480 and $121,280 per year. This low-interest loan can be used in conjunction with an Energy Upgrade California project that receives rebates. Plus, the CHF program offers up to $1,250 in grants (does not need to be re-paid) to homeowners who receive a loan. 
How it works
Step 1:  (optional) Apply for CHF grants and financing
Step 2:  Select a certified contractor for Yolo County to perform initial energy assessment of your home
Step 3:  Contractor will evaluate your home, and offer “Basic” or “Advanced” package of suggested energy retrofits
Step 4:  You choose what upgrades to install
Step 5:  Have a certified contractor verify the upgrades are installed properly
Step 6:  Receive rebates from PG&E

If you have any questions about any of these programs, please dont hesitate to contact us.